Join Kentucky and travel expert Charlie Kramer on unrushed journeys in his hometown of Shelbyville and across the state for a peek behind-the-scenes and behind closed doors, with this natural-born storyteller spinning yarns every mile along the way.

Go to places where you can still cast a line to catch the evening supper. Explore Kentucky’s all-but-forgotten hidey-holes and hollers, from the hills to the stills, coal country to caves, hunting grounds to trail towns, byways and waterways, and from the mountains in the east to the lowlands in the west and every region in between.

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Kentucky Backroad Tours with Charles Kramer are available for:

  • Groups of 10 or more
  • Day Trips and Multi-Day Tours*
  • Domestic groups

Specializing in those little known, behind-the-scenes, out-of-the-way places of interest in one of the most misunderstood and complex states in America.

  • International groups
    See European influences all over the state in Kentucky culture related to food, music, handicrafts, the arts and recreation.
  • General interest and customized itineraries available

*Some tours are season-sensitive.

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Feel free to email or call 502.321.5979 for tour information and bookings.